Breakfast in the Hotel-Guesthouse Goldenberg


For companies we serve breakfast for specific times.

Please announce in advance!


We work for breakfast with Resch & Frisch products! 

In the evening you can eat various PIZZA-corner and baguette de Luxe, all of Resch & Frisch!

You can eat also gluten-free products by Resch & Frisch !

and 3 different  homemade salads


Breakfast time

Mon - Thu                  7:00 - 9:00      am

Fri., Sat., Sun             8:00 - 10:00    am


If over 50% of visitors prefer a different time, 

we will get organized and communicated to you.




Between the specified times, you can use at the breakfast buffet. After this time and if we can offer you the breakfast, you pay for this between €3,- and €7,-

In the cosy breakfast area of the Hotel Goldenberg, guests can tank energy to explore the attractions of Klosterneuburg and/or the Viennese city as a tourist or to get set for important discussions as a business traveller.

Guests of the Hotel Goldenberg can choose from a rich selection of cheeses and sausages, various spreads, our “Eierspeis” – as scrambled eggs are referred to in Austria – made from freshest eggs, bacon – and all this complemented by a large selection of pastry. Cake is of course not to be forgotten for our little guests. Coffee and a wide selection of tea varieties, and of course fresh orange juice, seek to quench your thirst.

The staff of Hotel Goldenberg will leave no stone unturned to ensure your comfort, also here during breakfast.


Breakfast Varieties

The Normal – Day Start: included in the price.

Our lovingly prepared breakfast buffet comprises the following, among other things:

  • fresh pastry every day  (bread, buns, kornspitz)
  • a fine selection of sausage and ham varieties
  • varieties of cheese
  • spreads
  • butter and margarine
  • various jams, honey and Nutella
  • seasonal delicacies – like for instance goat cheese enrobed in bacon
  • cornflakes
  •  cereal with fresh milk
  • coffee
  • a wide range of tea varieties
  • water
  • orange juice

On demand:

  •  fresh eggs prepared upon request
  •  and much more:  such as scrambled eggs with potatoes or chicken meat or...


The Sports – Day Start: only upon request, charged € 9,97 per person and day, in addition to the room price: The normal breakfast buffet + 1 times the following selection:

  • fresh fruit: 1 fruitsaladperpersonor1 piecex3differentfruitspecies
  •  crunchy white or whole-grain bread
  •  a selection of fish
  •  various fruit juices, for instance orange, apple or multivitamin juice
  • a range of vegetable juices, e.g. carrot, tomato or beetroot
  • various skimmed yoghurts
  •  skimmed milk
  •  choice of dry fruits
  • various vegetable salads


The Organic – Day Start: only upon request, charged € 17,89  per person and day, in addition to the room price. Full relish: Everything organic!


1 Times the following selection:

  • Organic crispbread and whole-grain bread
  • organic fruit spreads, jams and jellies, apple and pear syrup, sugar beets syrup, nut mousse, nut-nougat cream, various types of honey, a range of organic fruit juices, e.g. orange, apple or multivitamin
  •  various organic vegetable juices such as carrot, tomato, or beetroot
  • organic whole grains served on the table: unripe spelt grains, millet or buckwheat
  • organic oat flakes cereal, nuts, raisins, fresh fruits and milk
  •  organic alternative sweeteners: sugar beets syrup, whole cane sugar, maple syrup, honey
  •  a selection of various cheese varieties, ham
  •  organic fish
  • organic eggs
  • organic sour cream
  • organic yoghurt and whey drinks
  • organic grain coffee
  •  organic herbal tea
  • organic dry fruits
  •  organic vegetable salads: 1 salad per person
  • organic fruit